Tough Subfloor Issues? Nothing We Can’t Handle.

The site of a brittle, cracked apartment subfloor (like gypcrete) can ruin an installer’s day. Flooring projects in the multifamily housing sector often have tight turnaround times. Installers and facility managers need flexible subfloor solutions that fit the timeframe they have for the project. We provide subfloor products that fit the need, in the time allowed.

One solution to a tough subfloor situation is to cover it with Schönox AP, a self-leveling compound that is completely compatible with the ordinary gypsum substrates so common in multifamily facilities. No flooring demolition. Roll the existing substrate with Schönox primer and a short time later pour Schönox AP.

A strong environmental and structural choice, Schönox AP self-leveling compound has 5400 psi compressive strength, no VOCs or chromates, uses recycled content and contributes to LEED credits.

No time for a self-leveling? Schönox provides the patching and smoothing products that are compatible with concrete, ordinary gypsum and wood substrates. Schönox SL even has the added benefit of being moisture resistant.

Schönox, a valued supply partner, produces primers, repair products, floor leveling compounds, adhesives, and waterproofing materials that can successfully take damaged, uneven subfloors through to finished floors ready for use.

Simply put, we help you solve subfloor problems.